Monday Made A LOT

I'm officially back to work this week.  I've already attended 7 days of trainings and spent umpteen hours in my classroom, but now it is no longer voluntary.  Oh alarm clock, how I hate miss you.

I've been busy, busy and have a lot to share this week.

Monday Made It #1

Vinyl Clipboards

First, I'm sharing my gift for my team.  Since the Monday Made It will no longer be weekly, I'm doing the unthinkable and sharing this before I give it to them.  I don't think they read my blog.

Shauna, if you are reading this, don't show your hubby, k?

I've seen so many cute vinyl ideas, I don't know who to credit for the idea to use vinyl to make personal clipboards, but I'm thankful for the Pinspiration.

After a bit of searching I found some plastic clipboards.  Why are basic things so hard to find when you need them?!

I have a new team this year.  I'll be on the specialist team.  We all have the pleasure of teaching every grade level K-6.  I had the realization the other day that more than 600 kids will walk through my room during the first three days of school.  Thankfully that won't happen the rest of the year, but that is quite the intro to my new position as Intervention Coordinator.

Two of my team members are PE coaches and one will teach ELD.  I wanted the coaches to have very different looking clipboards since they share everything.  (We do not have a gym.  Our coaches have the pleasure of both teaching on the blacktop while recess and lunch are going on.  Talk about amazing people!)

I was nervous making a decorative item for a guy, so I figured if I went with a sports theme it would make him happy.  It doesn't really look like sports theme, but its San Jose Sharks colors (hockey).

(Coach D is called Coach Daisy by Kinder so they can distinguish between B and D)

I was asked on Instagram how I made these.  I wish I could give a better explanation.  I cut out vinyl circles, dots, and words on my Silhouette Cameo. Then I used washi tape to transfer them.  I don't know why but I had a ton of fun making these.  I think I need an Etsy store just so I have an excuse to make more.

Monday Made It #2

Paper Lantern Jellyfish

I saw some jelly fish made out of lanterns on Pinterest and I had to give it a try.  I read directions for several and then did what ever I wanted.  :)

First I cut the lanterns in half.  All the ones I read had you just cut the bottom off,  but I figure I could make twice as many this way.  (Strangely,  I started making 6 and by the third I decided to stop.)

I took some tissue paper.  I cut a  circle. Then, I cut a spiral.  When the spiral was released, it looked like a tentacle.

I used tacky glue to glue on the tentacles.  I fell in love with tacky glue when I worked at a craft/fabric store in college.  It is cheap and it works on all crafts.

I glued some tentacles to the inner rim and some to the middle.

On the larger one, I also glued on some ribbon.

My husband attached some ribbon and hung them for me.  I requested a grouping of three at varying heights.  I figure you arrange jellyfish in groups of three like you arrange flowers. :)

Monday Made It #3

A Fish Wall with Lei Seaweed

This year I am doing targeted small group intervention.  I want the kids to be excited to come with me.   What better way than to have the coolest room ever?

I love that this panoramic makes my classroom look fishbowl shaped. :)

My husband has been very patient with me.  Every time I tell him about the next thing I'm planning he gives me a look.  I think he was the most skeptical about this project.

First, we covered the parts we needed in transparent blue.  Then we added the hilly sand. 

We ran out of blue and headed to the party store.  While looking around the party store, my husband got a great idea for the seaweed.  He cut leis and stapled them on with fish peaking out here and there.\

When we got back, we realized this blue was different.  No need to panic.  That blue became the sky and I very carefully cut what I had left and made waves to put over the sky.

I still have a sky full of possibilities but I ran out of time before I could put anything up there.  The school year isn't over yet.

Monday Made It #4

Wave Bulletin Board

I had this idea and followed through on it without deciding why I'm doing it.  I wanted a bulletin board that had a giant wave.  I have a ocean/surf themed room.  That is my only reason.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with that bulletin board.

We hung light blue paper across the top and dark blue paper across the bottom.  Then, I cut a dark blue length, put it on the ground and cut a bump.  I then wen back and cut away until I was happy with the wave shape.  Then, we stapled it over the "sky".

I think I have a weird little crush on my wave.  I made the perfect quote sign for it:  "You can't stop the waves but you can learn to surf." Perfect quote for an ocean/surf themed intervention classroom, right?  I couldn't bring myself to put the sign on the board though.  So, it is hanging next to it.  

Maybe it will become my data wall.   My next project is turning this giant piece of ply wood into a surfboard to stand up by that board.  Once it is there, maybe the board will tell me what it wants on it.  :)

Monday Made It #5

Sometimes I get requests via TPT questions.  It bugs me that I can only reply once.  I wait to reply until I've made the item so I can tell them the link.  Some things may take forever to make and then I feel like the person will think I'm ignoring them.  If you ever make a request on TPT, consider including an email.  :)

This product was by request.  Someone liked my Rainbow Dots Frames Freebie and said they were looking for something like that with stars.  Here is what I came up with.

Rainbow Star Frames

Rainbow Star Backgrounds

Click the pictures to find them in my TPT store.

Whew.  Time for some sleep!

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  1. Your fish bowl looks AWESOME! The kids will definitely think your room is the coolest room for sure. Love the clipboards too!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Very neat! Love your decor!

    For the Love of Fourth Grade

  3. Hi Mercedes!
    Thos jellyfish are adorable! Out theme is Trip Around the World and we visit each continent through the year, so this would be perfect for sealife in Australia. Thanks so much for the great instructions!
    Whimsy Workshop


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